Win the Signed Trade Paperback Set, Books 1-5

AJ-Stewart-Omnibus-3D-Opposite-Hand-300x200The first four Miami Jones novels are now available in an ebook box set on Amazon – other retailers soon. We have also finished rebranding all the books to give the series a coherent theme, and the paperback versions of books 1 and 2 are now in final production and will be available shortly (books 3 and 4 are available now).

So I’m giving a lucky reader a chance to win a signed trade paperback copy of each of first four books (Stiff Arm Steal, Offside Trap, High Lie and Dead Fast) as well as the upcoming new novel Crash Tack (due for release in July). Yes, the old fashioned books made from paper!

To be in the running, simply leave a comment in the comments field below this post. I’ll announce the winner in the next Reader Crew email, on this site, and on Facebook.

110 Responses to โ€œWin the Signed Trade Paperback Set, Books 1-5โ€

  1. Andrea Sante says:

    I have read Three Strikes and Stiff Arm Steal of the Miami Jones books and they were captivating. A super read and keeps you intrigued. I loved the 2 I have read and cannot wait to read the next 2 in the series .

  2. Stan says:

    These are enjoyable books … great characters (many I’d like to meet!), interesting locations, and just darn good reads.

  3. David Mauldin says:

    So far I am impressed with all the books they are fast paced and keep you glued to the pages. I am also glad that I do not have to worry about leaving one of your books laying around for one of my younger kids to see. You prove that a great story line and good characters don’t have to be peppered with so much vulgarity to make a good read. Keep up the good work.

  4. PJ Cartwright says:

    Love mysteries, am a huge baseball fan and live in Florida (although not currently in Miami), so how could I not fall in love with the Miami Jones series? I find them an easy read perfectly matched to Miami Jones’ lifestyle – slow and easy living. Especially when at the beach or lingering poolside these books deliver a fast paced story line which makes it hard to put down. The author adds enough local knowledge to let us wax nostalgically about places we have been. Don’t wait to start this series. A perfect read for summer!

  5. JIM WRIGHT says:

    Love the characters and can’t wait for the next book.

  6. gwen thomas says:

    If you’re lucky enough to live in Florida, AJ’s books are great for the beach. If not, hold them up to your ear to hear the ocean and get lost in the pages.

  7. mike spuhler says:

    Looking forward to the new book!!!

  8. Any mystery book with a picture on front cover of swaying palms trees has my attention.

  9. Donald Williams says:

    I enjoyed reading A. J . Stewart’s book series, Miami Jones. I read the first two. First of all I lived in Miami in 1971-1973 while attending a two year college program at Miami-Dade Community College and the references to that area are always a fond remembrance for me. His characters are both fascination and intriguing, but at the same time are very real. I often chuckle when I read a book review that folks call “a real page turner” since I feel that most books can’t be read without the pages being turned, but this book really pulls you to discover what is on the next page. On a scale of 0-5 stars I wouldn’t certainly give these books a 5+. Looking forward to the next book.

  10. Tom Watson says:

    I enjoy following Miami Jones on all his adventures. I have read Stiff Arm Steal, and Three+Strikes. I am currently reading Offside Trap. I would recommend these books to anyone. Keep up the great work.

  11. Dave Rohrig says:

    Read “Stiff Arm Steal” and the pre-quell “Three Strikes”; enjoyed both very much. I enjoy electronic books, my wife appreciates my reading in bed at night without a light. Also, I have just run out of shelf space for all my books, and given many to the library.

  12. Marsha Thomas says:

    Clever story. Loved the Heisman history bits. Ready to read more. I love series books because the characters feel like friends you want to keep up with periodically to see what they’re up to.

  13. Laura says:

    I enjoyed Stiff Arm Steal. I also enjoyed very much the fact that it was set in South Florida, where I lived for many years. I’m looking forward to reading the rest of the novels!

  14. Andrea-rose Hutton says:

    I just read 2 of this series, really worth a read. I love the way Miami Jones talks, and the way he is so casual and smart, never gets in a flap. A real pleasure to read and laugh and at the same time interesting and teaches me a lot about baseball. Thanks AJ!

  15. Tara says:

    Love this’s an entertaining thrill-ride. And I’m so glad that they’re available in a box set. Thanks, A.J.!

  16. Caroline Lennek says:

    What a great idea, bundling the first four books together with covers that tie in with the series!

  17. Connie Dellechiaie says:

    I am really enjoying reading your books. Keep up the good job you are doing great.

  18. Bryan Bullock says:

    Having enjoyed the ones I’ve read immensely, I would live to have an autographed set! Hoping I win.

  19. Patti says:

    I love the Miami Jones Books! The characters are well developed and likable. They are the right mix of suspense and personal issues. Keep them coming!

  20. Janet Bedell says:

    Love to read series. It allows me to get into the protagonist’s psyche.

  21. Beryn Harty says:

    Looking for entertaining who-dun-its and sleuthing stories set in tropical locales like Miami, Florida with appealing characters and enjoyable plots? Lokk no further! Try out A.J. Stewart’s novels for your next plane trip, beach read, or just a relaxing break from the tedium and stress of the everyday grind.

  22. ;earl Wandrey says:

    I love your books !!Would love to win these !! Thank you for wrighting Such awesome books !!!

  23. Deanne says:

    I would love to win this set! Read the ones I’ve missed so far and then share them with my fellow reading enthusiasts!

  24. Debbi Blum says:

    After reading the first Miami Jones book I was hooked.
    I have just finished the second one and am curtently reading High Lie. Miami Jones and his side kick remind me of Doc Ford and Tomlinson.

  25. Sandra Mudd says:

    My first adventure with Miami Jones was with High Lie. I was hooked. Then I read Stiff Arm Steal & definitely was not disappointed. I really NEED to win this set.

  26. Greg Reed says:

    Love the wise cracking, tough guy Miami Jones with his don’t give a toss attitude as he thumps his way around a crime scene on his way to solving another mystery.

    A J Stewart books are well written, easy to read and can be devoured without effort. The pages literally turn themselves!

    (Signed paperbacks of this series would look great in Cabarita Beach AUSTRALIA)

  27. Dan Click says:

    Have read the intro novella and book 1. I love the characters and the setting. I’ve read the old Travis McGee novels and Spencer novels and agree that this series is a nice combination of those two. Looking forward to reading more.

  28. Nancy says:

    Haven’t read all the books in the set yet but absolutely will. The characters seem so real and draw you into the story so much that you don’t want to put the book down. Now to get back to my reading. Thank you very much for such enjoyable books.

  29. Jay Diaz says:

    The Miami Jones series takes you deep into the South Florida heat with great story lines, fresh characters, and most of all a smooth sailing story line in each book that allows you to pick up anywhere in the series and drop into the world of Miami Jones and his associates.
    It is a rare case when you look so forward to the next book in a great series, as this reviewer cannot wait for the next story.

  30. Gloria Albritton says:

    I have read several of your books. I am a Florida native and I very much enjoy reading anything with Florida as the subject.

  31. Gene Hall says:

    About time South Florida had its own PI. What a better place to work as a PI. There has been New York, Boston, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas. For us South Floridians we have been the places Miami has been. And, hey! what a great name – Miami. A great series.
    And as a retired police detective from Florida + experience in Florida & Las Vegas as a PI it’s fun to read and able to actually picture the Florida locations.

    I must have signed copies. Please. Please. Please.

  32. Michael says:

    I really enjoyed reading my first book in this series. I found it very easy to get into the story and felt I was an eye witness to the action.

  33. ERNIE TAYLOR says:

    Very good books. Fast paced and easy to read!

  34. Raymond Canete says:

    Great stories! Looking forward to more and hopefully winning the box set.

  35. Pete Galindo says:

    I look forward to the next Miami Jones adventure. Please keep ’em coming.

  36. Marcus Willisz says:

    I love the Miami Jones series! Keep ’em coming!

  37. Becky Serna says:

    Looking forward to the new book.

    I am glad you liked the Reed Ferguson book.

  38. Maureen Boenigk says:

    I have a fat cat too. His name is Vince (Lombardi). I think he’d prefer sports books instead of my favorite mystery thrillers. I have iPad and would like free books for Apple on iBooks. Thanks

  39. Bev Smith says:

    I love the writing style you use in the Miami Jones series. I left a review on Amazon for the box set. Would love signed copies of them!!!!

  40. Chelsea says:

    I absolutely adore Miami Jones and always recommend this series to people. A signed paperback copy would be truly cherished in my household – I just LOVE them!! Have a great day!

  41. John Lynch says:

    I love your writing style and I look forward to see more books.
    Keep on Keeping on!

    John Lynch

  42. Deb Schroeder says:

    Just loved this book and author!

  43. Lisa kelley says:

    I really enjoyed the first book in the series but I haven’t read the other books yet.

  44. Lauren D says:

    I absolutely love the Miami Jones series! The books are exciting, funny and keep you on your toes.

  45. Janice Amidon says:

    I downloaded the free book “Three Strikes” on my Nook, but don’t know where it went – any ideas?

  46. Dee says:

    Loved the first book! Would love to win the set!

  47. Jane Sovine says:

    Love the books!

  48. Charles Ray says:

    Love the character, Miami Jones–my kind of guy. Just left a review on and Goodreads.

  49. Celeste says:

    You have been so incredibly kind in allowing us to read your series & letting us know about reduced prices & free download times. I wish u much success on your newest book also ๐Ÿ™‚

  50. J. K. Hall says:

    Would love to win the signed copies! Thanks for the giveaway!

  51. Kenneth Rhea says:

    Love your writing style and characters in your books. Keep bringing them on.

  52. Lisa Chatfield says:

    i loved Miami Jones in Stiff Arm Steal! Awesome characters and great plot.

  53. John Porter says:

    I have enjoyed reading all four of the A.J. Stewart novels in the boxed set. One either has a very active imagination OR has lived a very out of the ordinary life to these kind of characters for these kind of stories.

  54. John Carino says:

    Truly enjoyed the series. Looking forward to the next book.

  55. John Foster says:

    I have thoroughly enjoyed what I have read so far and look forward to my most recent AJ purchase. (Today on Amazon). I also enjoy the ongoing dialogue that has been established between the author and myself. I hope this relationship along with continued good and entertaining reading continues.

    The very best to you especially with your upcoming new release.


  56. Kathy Grega says:

    This would be a great series to read. Hope I’m lucky enough to win it!

  57. Peter DiVergilio says:

    I bought the E-Book (first four) bundle through Amazon already, and enjoyed them thoroughly. I would love to have a signed paperback set to show off in my library!

  58. Laurie Boyce says:

    Love your writing style and your characters, since I live in Florida I love the locations.

  59. don carr says:

    Like your books. Read all 4 of the Miami Jones series to date.
    Of course I was a big Travis McGee fan too.
    Keep up the good work.

  60. norma says:

    I really enjoyed reading the books I have read and they were great ,They made me feel as if I was there with them. I cannot wait to get the boxed set . So I have my fingers cross and if I’m not the winner, I congratulate the lucky winner, who will be really happy with their book . Thanks

  61. Christina Burrus says:

    Thanks for the ch

  62. Christina Burrus says:

    Thank you for the chance!

  63. Patricia Gibby says:

    I have a special book shelf just for my autographed books.

  64. Miami Jones is entertaining, funny, and best of all for a new hero, lasting…you look forward to the next book, and has that long lasting enjoyment that a real re-read book has. These books belong in a permanent library because they are so entertaining. Write faster!!!

  65. Julie says:

    Not all of my friends have e-readers so this will be a fun and affordable gift. Get ready for some new fans!

  66. Dennis Horner says:

    I’ve only had the opportunity to enjoy High Lie! And enjoy it have! I love baseball and sunshine, which is wrapped throughout this quick-moving novel. In particular, I enjoyed being exposed to Jai Alai as well as casino operations. And if you haven’t been to American Indian, owned and operated casino that have spread out successfully coast-to-coast. With all this, the storyline rapidly develops, blossoms, building up to such an explosive finish! Now, onto another one of AJ’s exciting tale of South Florida

  67. Myra Ball Ritch says:

    The Miami Jones series is one of my favorite series and the license plate covers are great. The covers are unique and eye catching. I’m on the email list for Renee Pawlish. Recently, she ask what other books did her readers feel were like her Reed Ferguson series. Miami Jones series was one of the books I thought of. I really enjoy the balance of a good mystery with some humor.

  68. I am currently reading Stiff Arm Steal, my first ever book by A. J. Stewart and I love it! It is exciting and can’t seem to put it down. I want to read the whole series!

  69. Rodney says:

    Good series, look forward to more.

  70. Miami Jones is a mixture of frustrated jock, intrigued investigator, and a regular joe…all combined in the most interesting swirl of a dessert!

  71. Donna Auman says:

    From what I remember I really enjoyed Miami Jones, Danielle and his crew that helped him get out of (and into) “circumstances.” I am looking forward to reading more of his adventures.

  72. Dwight Casanas says:

    Awesome books!

  73. Shannon says:

    How cool would it be to win the box set of such an awesome series!! I have two on Kindle so having all four would be great in and of itself but having them in good old paper books. WOW!! I would be so happy to win!! Fingers crossed!
    Good luck to all who enter!!

  74. Jeffrey Gale says:

    I am enjoying both your writing and emails very much and would really like to win the paperbacks, especially since you say that they are signed. Thank you for your consideration.

    Jeff Gale

  75. Ann Kelly says:

    Love this new series. I am an avid reader and love anything that is staged in my state. FLORIDA!! Looking forward to the new book.

  76. Dennis Redick says:

    Looking forward to reading the entire series.

  77. Helen Badman says:

    Loved Stiff Arm Steal, kept me guessing till the very end. Also appreciated the humor ( trusting it was intended.)
    Great all around read.
    Keep them coming!

  78. Pamela Archer says:

    don’t know if I remember how to read a book with paper pages!

  79. Marge Camacho says:

    I read every day. Love your work. I will be very happy if I win your boxed set. ๐Ÿ™‚

  80. Kay ericksen says:

    Love Miami! Would love to have the whole series!!

  81. Robert Blankenship says:

    If only the box set had been available when I first met Miami and his friends. I can’t wait for the next book(s) to become available. It’s refreshing to find an author who can spin an engaging story without stooping to using unnecessary expletives and/or overly-descriptive intimacies.

  82. Edward says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed “Stiff Arm Steal”. I grew up outside Miami, Fl in the 50’s & 60’s, so I could relate to some of the locales and characters. I parked cars in the late 60’s to the early 70’s for Caribbean Parking System, working from Fort Lauderdale to Miami Beach. We were owned by “retired” Chicago mobsters, i.e. Milk Wagon Joe.

  83. Siobhan Kelly says:

    I started off with Stiff Arm Steal and I’m hooked! Please keep them coming, a most enjoyable read with great characters and wonderful plots.

  84. Kathryn Defranc says:

    Would love to win signed copies of your book!! Have a super day! ๐Ÿ™‚

  85. John Prohaska says:

    Have read two of them, getting ready to start on third. good stuff.

  86. Maria Poxon says:

    I think I’m in love with your writing that is I may have so far only read book 1 from the Miami Jones series but I loved it, it was fun to read and gripping, I just couldn’t put it down thankfully it’s on my mobile so I didn’t need to I just can’t wait to be able to afford all the books I doubt I’ll sleep for a few days until I’ve read them all including rereading book one. Thank you for being the great writer that you are. X

  87. Chad Weis says:

    Enjoy reading every word of every book! Keep up the great writing!

  88. Glenn says:

    I use bookbub as one of my recommended reading inputs and came across these books. For me the first one was free and I was hooked before the first chapter.

    Thanks for a good read and interesting book to me. After the first one yes I have bought another one so more then willing to pay. In have read other free books and grown tired of them quickly. Your books are great thank you


  89. Joe Boode says:

    I have read two of A.J. Stewart’s Miami Jones’ series ebooks… and all I can say is, I have discovered a new “favourite” author!

    Terrific stories, wonderful dialogue… and characters you quickly care about. You must add A.J. Stewart’s work to your library.

    As a seasoned reader of Robert B. Parker, Lee Child, John D. MacDonald, John Grisham, John Lescroart, Michael Connelly, Harlan Coben and others, I highly recommend getting to know “Miami”!

  90. Donna DeBeck says:

    I truly enjoy reading the Miami Jones series. They are a nice balance of action and adventure, with a good amount of comic relief in the mix. The romance is nice too without all of the graphic details of each encounter.
    I also like that Miami Jones isn’t portrayed as a super human but is able to hold his own in a fight with the bad guys.
    I look forward to the next book.


  91. Mark Earls says:

    AJ, I don’t often get excited about a book series before finishing the first book. I found Stiff Arm Steal and as a new reader discovered the wonderful world of Miami Jones. Since my wife and I recently moved to Florida I especially like the local flavor to the series. I purchased all 4 books and cannot wait for the next installment!! These are a great read.

  92. Julie Beutel says:

    I love your books – really hope I win!

  93. Celeste Lim says:

    Love your writing. Am anxious to read the next installment of the Adventures of Miami Jones!

  94. Celeste Lim says:

    I am anxious to read the next installment of the Adventures of Miami Jones!

    Love your writing!!

  95. Patrick says:

    I have enjoyed the Miami Jones books I have read. I plan on reading more and following the series a more come out. They are fun, interesting and exciting.

  96. Steve Cobun says:

    OK – so, I started with book 3, High Lie – but that makes no difference. The key for me is I have to like the characters, and I do! As a fan of “Florida mystery” novels, I am now officially hooked, and working my way through the rest while waiting for more!

  97. Esther Morgan says:

    AJ Stewart presents his Miami Jones and cohorts with rounded personalities, interesting backgrounds, and a real knowledge of Florida. Each of the first 4 books presents an interesting and different storyline.

  98. Becky Ferris says:

    I’d been missing Spillane, Parker, Cannell, Francis; haven’t heard from Crais in a while, so finding Miami Jones was like finding a gold mine! Stiff Arm Steal was a fast-paced, tongue-in-cheek page-turner and Three Strikes featured the CWS in Omaha – my old stomping ground, so I got to revisit a few great memories.
    I’m looking forward to reading the rest of the series.
    This is a seriously good author and great reads.
    Good Luck AJ!

  99. Saundra K Warren says:

    Always looking for new to me authors!

  100. Renee Pettit says:

    I really want your signature and to keep up with Miami and all his friends and targets. I like that hi friends are true to him and he keeps his promises. That’s a true man. I love his story line and wish there were real men like him. If more men read these stories maybe they will see how to be a man who sticks to what he believes in.

  101. Carole Marshall says:

    I really like it when a free or inexpensive book is so good it sends me searching for what else the author has written. That is the case with Miami Jones’ exploits by A.J. Stewart. I like the research that goes into each book and I end up learning something and being entertained at the same time.
    I have read all four books and I am looking forward to the further exploits of a smart, loyal and enjoyably tough character like Miami Jones.

  102. Dave Dildine says:

    I am certain the A.J. has hit gold with the Miami Jones series. He is a writer with lots of stories to tell and a perfect mouthpiece in Miami Jones. The book Stiff-Arm Steal had a great hook with the Heisman Trophy, and that led to some very interesting characters. Once you start it, you won’t want to put it down.

  103. Tammy Richardson says:

    I would love to win this. Thanks for the chance!

  104. Abbie Thackrah says:

    As quick as a Florida thunder storm, the pages flew. Get to know, laugh at and cheer on Miami Jones, private investigator and former athlete who will never sink too low to solve a case. This series is geographically accurate, always a bonus, and as hilarious as any Tim Dorsey novel. Stewart keeps up with not only the weather, fashion trends and sports scores, he always makes time for happy hour. Pull up a bar stool and slather on the sunscreen, you are in for a trip to Florida like never before.

  105. J. Rebold says:

    Stiff Arm Steal was a fun read. Fast-paced, good plot, the story line flowed well, and the characters were well-rounded. Enjoyed the sense of humor throughout the book! Looking forward to reading the rest of the series based on this book. Usually, secondary characters are not well-developed, but Stewart did an excellent job of making all them believable and all of them worked well with the story, but not overwhelm the main characters and storyline.

    And what a great idea for a storyline! I’m not a sports person, so did not link the book’s name to a football play. Now I know better! Very original idea.

  106. Jeff Loftin says:

    I’ve read most of the books about several other charismatic problem solvers like Miami Jones. Lawrence Sander’s Archie McNally was my first, and then I discovered the great Travis McGee series by John MacDonald, Robert Parker’s Spencer, and then Robert Crais’ Elvis Cole. All the characters are likeable, and all the stories are entertaining. So far, A.J. Stewart’s Miami Jones books give me the same feeling of wanting to immediately start the next story.
    Hopefully A.J. will achieve the same success as Sanders, MacDonald, Parker and Crais because I think he’ll deserve it. I also want him to be successful because he might then be as prolific as the above authors, so I’ll have many years of looking over Miami Jones shoulder.
    Good luck A.J., and keep writing.

  107. Tapri says:

    I enjoyed the two books I recieved free so much that I bought a third. All of them are so great can’t put them down can’t wait to make it to the next in the collection.

  108. I have just finished reading “Stiff Arm Steal” and “Three Strikes.” I am definitely a A.J. Stewart/Miami Jones fan.

    Being a Floridian, I am constantly on the hunt for action/adventure/mystery series that either take place in FL or are written by Floridians. Mr. Stewart has created a very likable protagonist, along with believable dialog and descriptive action. I enjoy his novels as much as those by Tim Dorsey, Carl Hiaasen, Randy Wayne White, Laurence Shames, and Dave Barry.

    Keep ’em coming–I am hooked!

  109. Robert Clark says:

    I have just finished all 5 of the Miami Jones books. So happy the next one comes out in July.

  110. Pam Kline says:

    Wish we were still hosting Mystery Florida: A Conference To Die For. You would be an awesome addition. Our initial group of writers included Tim Dorsey, James Swain, Jonathon King, James Born. A few had just published their first novel while others were pretty prolific. Florida does manage to produce talented writers who appeal to a broad spectrum of readers. I have just finished “Stiff Arm Steal” and I’m dying to read “Offside”. You are truly a member of the Florida Mystery Writers club.