High Lie is out now!

High-Lie-3D-BookCover-transparent_backgroundWriting a book takes a long time. Even one like High Lie, which came quickly for me, still takes longer than you’d think. After the first draft is finished, it feels like the business is done. But of course there is another draft or two, then beta reads and a few fixes, then edits and proofreads and a few more fixes, then covers and formatting and all that important stuff. And all the while, I’m off writing the next book. Which means by the time the last book is ready for sale, I’m over it. But it’s always a joy to see a new book go up for sale. In this case, the next Miami Jones novel has actually been writing and is being edited, before High Lie even saw the light of day.

High Lie was inspired by an article on the sport of Jai Alai (sort of pronounced high lie, so you see that double entendre thing I did there?) by a great writer by the name of Michael Mooney called What Happened to Jai Alai? I’d seen some Jai Alai in South Florida, and I remembered it featuring in the opening sequence for Miami Vice back in the day. I was shocked by its decline, and thought it would be an interesting world to explore through the eyes of Miami Jones. If you are interested how a sport that attracted ten-thousand plus fans to each performance in its heyday can fall away to see more guys on the court playing that watching some days now, check out Michael Mooney’s article. It’s a fascinating read.

You can get High Lie now on Amazon and Amazon UK, and other Amazon sites.

Miami Jones knows that South Florida is full of lowlifes, the kind who would roll a boy up in a rug and toss him in the ocean. But when he goes looking for one particular lowlife, he finds himself mixed up in a world of crooked bookmakers, Las Vegas casino moguls, and a band of brothers playing a forgotten sport. Forgotten by everyone except the people who want the players dead.

Miami takes Florida going down the sinkhole rather personally, so now he’ll stop at nothing to prevent the cancer spreading across his beloved home.

There is darkness, even in the sunshine state.

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  1. Dr. Aloha Brandt says:

    I can’t wait to read this one!