Dead Fast Launches Today

Dead-Fast-3D-BookCover-transparent_backgroundToday is the day that Miami Jones #4 – Dead Fast – hits the virtual shelves!

This one follows Miami and Danielle as they take a vacation on the Caribbean island nation of Jamaica. Of course, these two don’t vacation like the rest of us, and they find themselves tangled up in a caper involving the national pastime of Jamaica – running.

The idea for the book, not surprisingly, came as a result of my own visit to Jamaica. It’s an amazing country. Spectacular beaches and water for sure, but also mountains and rainforests and some super friendly people. But as I like to do, I was particularly interested in scratching the surface and looking at the underbelly below. Jamaica is a paradise with lots of smiling faces, but it also has very high crime and homicide rates, that belie the idyllic surroundings.

I don’t want to send the Jamaican tourist folks into hairy conniptions, so I’ll add that crimes against tourists are rare and I never felt unsafe with my family walking around the place as we like to do. But there is poverty, and as with many smaller cities/nations, a feeling that there is no way out other than crime, or in the case of Jamaica, running fast.

All School athletic competitions are a big deal in Jamaica – think high football in Texas. It’s that level of fanaticism. And it’s easy to see why. Jamaicans are often lanky, rangy folks, long and limber and built to run. And the basic materials required to start running are a flat spot of land and nothing more. So the start up costs are zero, compared say ice hockey, which is equipment hell.

Jamaica is also one of those odd English empire juxtapositions, a blend of Africa and England and home grown. There’s tea, but there’s also coffee (Jamaican produces prized coffee beans), there’s cricket and football (not American), but there are lots of NBA jerseys wandering the streets.

Like Florida, Jamaica is a paradise and a study in contradiction, with wonderful smiles and wacky characters, dreamy vistas and dark corners, and I hope you enjoy exploring some it through the eyes of Miami, Danielle and the gang.

Check out where you can get your hands on Dead Fast here.



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