Contest November 2016

I’m not crazy, I like to read, and you keep telling me I can’t write them fast enough. So here’s a chance to get your hands on a great book in the meantime. if you’d like to go into the draw to win the new Jack Reacher novel, there are two ways to enter:

  1. Leave a comment in the comments section below.
  2. You can enter by liking my Facebook Page here.

That’s it. Entries close midnight, Friday November 4. I’ll let you know winners in the next email.

And by the way, if you like to listen to your books, the first Miami Jones novel is coming to audiobook (Amazon, Audible and iTunes). More on this next time.

147 Responses to “Contest November 2016”

  1. Monica Lojewski says:

    Thank you for the great books.

    • Tom Canedy says:

      Love the Miami Jones novels!!

      • Kimo Chung says:

        Aloha A.J., Enjoy your MJ books, anxiously awaited your new MJ adventure.
        Thank-you very much.

    • Linda Foreman says:

      Omg. That’s so awesome, ty for the offer, I hurt my knee on a spook trail I would LOVE to be able to read while sitting. Super excited, LOVE Miami Jones. Ty

  2. Don T says:

    Miami is always a great read. Thanks and keep them coming.

  3. Debbi says:

    I like Jack Reacher, but Miami is my favorite. I enjoy reading about his adventures and the trouble he gets into.

  4. William Cichoski says:

    I’m new to the MJ novels and am thoroughly enjoying them (I’ve finished 3).

  5. Craig B Crocker says:

    I love your books! The problem is they don’t come fast enough … ever thought of being cloned?

  6. Linda Cook says:

    I really love Miami Jones!

  7. Mary E Dryden says:

    I am 71 years old and have been a bookworm all my life. Please, I need the new signed copy of Miami Jones and I need it really bad.

  8. Bill Gammill says:

    Stewart and Child are both great writers… Plenty of readers for both!!!

  9. George Burke says:

    Love the series… one of my favorite FL Authors…

  10. Jim says:

    I actually like Miami better than Reacher as a protagonist. Reacher is a stone cold, near psychopathic killer. The havoc he has wreaked in his bizarre nomadic treks across America would be horrifying in real life.

    I’m not saying that Lee Child isn’t a superior thriller writer.
    He is.
    But Reacher’s charactor is the worst thing… for me… about the novels.

    Just Sayin’…

    ==>Jim Van Wyck

  11. Connie Lowrey says:

    I love your unpredictable writing skills AND I love Miami Jones! Keep up with the great stories!

  12. Sydney Jones says:

    I absolutely love the Miami Jones series, being from Florida AND being a Jones myself. I anxiously wait for the next book to be released. Keep ’em coming!

  13. Barbara. Moehlenpah says:

    I am a sucker for Jack Reacher!

  14. Jamie Knight says:

    Hi A.J.,
    Go Pats!
    Here’s the Youtube link to the Lee Child/Stephen King get together at Sanders Theater at Harvard last September. I was able to attend and it was great.

    • AJ Stewart says:

      Jamie – that’s great stuff. Must have been cool to see two great storytellers. Miami is happy that Brady is back. And look out – I have a feeling Miami might be visiting his old haunts in New England some time in 2017!

  15. David Smith says:

    I have read every Reacher by Lee Child.

  16. Judye Hefter says:

    Love Miami Jones. Jack Reacher is #2!

  17. Patti W. says:

    I love your books. Always waiting for the next one. And I love to read!!!

  18. Pat Buckley says:

    I have been reading Lee Child’s Jack Reacher’s books for a very long time. I got my son interested in this author and I think he buys every new book that comes out. If I am lucky enough to win these two books, I can read them and share them with my son.
    Also you are a favorite of mine and I have all your Miami Jones books and am waiting for the next one. Glad to see that it will be soon.

  19. Sue Kohler says:

    Can’t wait for any of your new novels

  20. Dave Hirschman says:

    AJ you rock…almost as much of my idol Miami Jones! Keep em coming!

  21. Scott Schrank says:

    I just saw Never Go Back this afternoon!!!

  22. Joseph Fuell says:

    Great books. They keep me on the edge of my seat from beginning to end. Once I start reading one they are difficult to put down. Keep up the entertaining work. I open each book like a much wanted Christmas present.

  23. Blaine Parker says:

    Sure, I like Reacher as much as Miami Jones. But here’s the thing: I read all of the Miami Jones books in about 1/10 the time as I read the same number of Reacher books. That tells you something. What that is, I have no idea. Feel free to draw your own conclusions.

  24. Craig Grimes says:

    This is a classy move by you. I’ve enjoyed all your books, and look forward to the next one later this year.

  25. Jim Andersen says:

    I am seeing more and more authors comparing their work to Lee Child and the Jack Reacher character. Frankly I find the Miami Jones character more interesting, mainly because there are supporting characters. It’s not all about one character as the Child books are.

    Just my two cents.

    • AJ Stewart says:

      Jim, I think whenever a character becomes as successful as Reacher there will always be copy cats. But Miami Jones certainly isn’t one of them. They are polar opposites I think. I just like Lee Child’s work, that’s all.

  26. Suzann Ecker says:

    I do not like Jack Reacher. I do like Miami Jones , very much.

  27. John says:

    Must we wait until Christmas…hopefully not….truly looking forward to the next chapter of Miami Jones. For those not familiar check it out…great stories that hold you captured until finished.

  28. Kathy Miller says:

    I love all the Lee Childs books and Jack Reacher is WOW. Keep up the great work and I will keep reading.

  29. Frank Harlow says:

    Love MJ
    Keep up the writing! Someday he will be a movie or three:-)

  30. Mike Morgan says:

    I was searching for “between Reacher” and “between Doc Ford” when I finally found Miami Jones! Enter me please!!!

  31. Anne L. Rightler says:

    Love, love, love Reacher books. Here’s hoping…
    Thank you for the opportunity.

  32. John Richards says:

    I like Miami way better then Jack! But I do need something to read….

  33. I’m a Jack Reacher fan, but I like Miami Jones better. He’s more down-to-earth and has a wicked sense of humor that I admire. Thank you for bringing him to us!
    ~Sandy Bowiefan Missparker~

  34. jane dill says:

    Like both Jones and Reacher. Like the Jones humor!!!!

  35. Jeff Powers says:

    AJ, I love your books and can’t wait for the new Miami Jones.

  36. I am an avid reader. So many books…not enough time is my motto. I would love to win.

  37. James Elias says:

    Love Miami Jones!! And, of course, Jack Reacher…big fan of both!

  38. Joanie Hinton says:

    just started reading your books and love them
    also like the Reacher books

  39. Debbie Henry says:

    I love the Miami Jones books and have purchased them all. I turned my husband into them and he binge read the entire series…there was no talking to him😬 Please have the next one out before Christmas -so I can hide away and read it before giving to him Christmas Day!!

  40. Jesse Teal says:

    I will never read Reacher again. When a shrimp was selected to play Reacher in the movies, I lost all respect for Lee Child. I can never read Reacher again and think of him as an imposing 6′ plus ex-policeman. Did Lee Child sell out for the money?

    • AJ Stewart says:

      Unfortunately Jesse, when an author sells the rights to the movie they do just that, they sell the rights. The film makers get to choose the cast, and the author really has no say in it. (They might ask his opinion, but they won’t listen to it.) One Shot is probably my favorite Reacher book, and as we always say, the book was better than the film. I know Lee defended the casting of Cruise (he kind of had to at that point) but I thought Cruise did a good job – I like his action roles, and he has Reacher’s gravitas. Unfortunately Dwayne Johnson has his size 🙂

  41. Geoff Hoffman says:

    Can’t wait for the new Miami book. Always looking for a great series of books. ..

  42. Fiona Ridgeway says:

    I’ve liked your Facebook page. You’re Miami Jones books are great. Love the stories, love the characters & love that it’s based in Florida; I have family there. The baseball & American football references in the book can sometimes go over my head (I’m Irish!) I watch rugby with my husband actually you should look at some hurling. It’s an Irish game amateur but the players compete like they’re professionals but it’s a very impressive game. I digress back to the books. I love them keep them coming! Thank you
    Fiona Ridgeway

    • AJ Stewart says:

      Fiona – I’ve lived in the US a long time but I grew up in Australia and I played rugby. I saw hurling at Croke Park about 20 years ago, loved it!

  43. I really enjoyed Stiff Arm Steal and Three Strikes. I’m looking forward to reading the rest of the series!

  44. Mary-Kate Webster says:

    Jack Reacher is a compelling character, but I prefer Miami Jones. He doesn’t act quite as invincible, he has a more likable back story, and his girlfriend is a deputy. I enjoy books with strong female characters. I have been trying to decide who would be cast as Miami, Danielle, and Ron if this became a movie series. That’s a question for Facebook…

  45. Dave says:

    Looking forward to your next book.

  46. Jeff says:

    Very cool that these are coming out on Audible. Who’s the narrator?

  47. LuAnn Rodriquez says:

    A.J.Stewart writes in a way that is both entertaining and enjoyable! Give his books a try–I’m not sorry I did!!

  48. Steve Orr says:

    I was a Jack Reacher fan before Miami Jones came along, but look forward to both with equal anticipation! Two of my favorite reads.

  49. Dawn Raker says:

    I have read a couple of your books! But a new Jack Reacher would take top priority!

  50. John says:

    Looking forward to the new book!

  51. Steve Orr says:

    A.J. And Lee are my favorite authors!

  52. Marcus Willis says:

    Love Miami Jones!

  53. Kay geibel says:

    Ooo Pick me, pick me.

  54. Tom Anderson says:

    I have read EVERY Jack Reacher book and I’m in the process of the Miami Jones series. four down and going strong. Love them both! keep them coming A.J..

  55. Jay Diaz says:

    Cannot wait for the new MJ book!!!…’s been too long……My nephew just got married and moved to Florida, and I gave him a few Miami Jones books to get into the series…he just called last Sunday to ask when I can send the rest!…….I too cannot wait for the new Reacher book, as the series is top notch and I think Tom Cruise actually gives the role a good turn on screen. (I was kind of hoping for a larger, more imposing figure, but what can you do?)….I would like to see Miami travel outside of Floria in upcoming books…much like Reacher, he can be just as cool and elusive on the streets outside of Florida….perhaps a New York awakening?

  56. Susie Macon says:

    I have loved all of your books that I have read. Getting very attached to Miami Jones. But I do love me some Jack Reacher. I can’t watch the two movies…I am sorry but Tom is not Jack in my mind.
    Susie Macon

  57. Roy Jones says:

    I actually like Miami better. Not quite as hard to believe. But Reacher is one I like about every 6 months or so. I would probably read Miami once a month if you were more prolific. 😀

  58. Pam Kline says:

    When someone finally options the Miami Jones series, I hope the lead is more Miami Jones than Tom Cruise is Jack Reacher!

  59. Sheryl says:

    Miami is number one in my book. He is real, funny and smart. The Reacher books are #2 and an enjoyable read, but Miami is the best!

  60. Cynthia Jones says:

    The novels are AWESOME! I am so looking forward to future books in the series. Thanks for the opportunity to read what is in your mind!!!

  61. Carol says:

    We were listening to a Reacher audio book on our trip home today, but I really enjoy the Miami Jones books.

  62. Charlene says:

    I’m torn between Jack Reacher and Miami Jones!!!!!!😊

  63. Bill Gill says:

    I got hooked on Jack Reacher after the first Reacher movie. I’ve read 4 now and working my through them. Then got looked on Bill Craig’s Marlow and Decker novels. Then I found you on my Kindle as a suggested reading and I got instantly hooked. I’ve always loved novels with a main character theme. I get to know them and feel like I’m part of the story. I love MJ and almost done with Three Strikes – loving it. You’ve been blessed with an incredible gift and you use it well!

  64. Barbara says:

    Love the adventures of Jack Reacher BUT he’s no where near being the man that is Miami Jones! Jones’ humor is comparable to none and just in time for Christmas. What joy to a reader’s ears!

  65. Jennifer Rife says:

    Okay so I love Miami and I got my mom into reading Miami! She loves him too! My dad is a Reacher fan but I will sway him to Miami! But a Reacher book while we patiently wait for Miami would be great!!

  66. Barbara Withrow says:

    I have read all the Miami Jones books and have also read over the years all of the Jack Reacher books, and have seen the two movies. The two men are different. I love the Miami Jones books because they aren’t quite as rough and I like the quick wit of the characters. Miami Jones is a likable person, whereas, Jack Reacher can be brutal. I like the stories of the Florida area, and each book is like a travelogue. Can’t wait for the new release.

  67. Joel says:

    Need me some MJ! Hmmm

  68. Sandy Johnson says:

    I have several Miami Jones books, just have not had a chance to read any of them. But I have been a Jack Reacher fan from book one. If Miami is half as good as Jack, he will be right up there with my other literary super heroes!!!!

  69. Kathy Szymczak says:

    I really enjoy Child’s Reacher novels. I also enjoy reading Miami’s adventures. Both of those fellas have attitude and I love it.

  70. Jim Thompson says:

    As I’ve e-mailed you, I find you a very talented author. The variety of action that Miami Jones finds himself kneedeep is unique, exciting and puts you right with him.

    I’m excited that Miami will bring in the New Year reading.

    Keep up the great work.

  71. Rick Redlich says:

    Miami and A J are the perfect Gulfstream exacta. I’ve spent many hours of enjoyment following the exploits, deeds, and misdeeds of one very cool guy, Miami Jones. You rock A J!!!

  72. Mike Smith says:

    Really enjoy your books, the waiting is hard for a new one.
    The movie doesn’t do Reacher justice , lead actor is almost opposite of book character. Thank You for your work. Mike.

  73. Kevin says:

    Miami Jones is the MAN

  74. John says:

    Have always liked Lee Child and his character ‘Jack Reacher’, but Tom Cruise playing the part… totally wrong!
    Who would you like to see, if it were to ever happen, play the part of Miami Jones?

  75. Carol Ann Love says:

    Love your books & check on a regular basis to see if another has appeared & have also been reading all the Jack Reacher stories for years!

  76. Mike Smartt says:

    Really enjoy the Miami Jones series. I have them all on my kindle.
    Got my good friend hooked by buying him the box set.
    I grew up at Porterville, Ca. and when I was in high school. A bunch of
    us would drive the 60mi south to Bakersfield to watch them play ball.
    Oh almost forgot. Pick me!

  77. Thomas Horan says:

    I’ve been a Lee Child fan from the beginning. I got into the Miami Jones books, quite frankly, because you offered a free one. Now, although I still like the Reacher books, I prefer the Miami Jones character. I find him more believable. Keep up the good work.

  78. Laurette says:

    I love Miami jones but I love Jack, too!!! Would love to get my hands on the latest edition.

  79. William Gill says:

    Got hooked on the Reacher novels after the movie came out. Then I got you suggested on my Kindel and I found MJ. I love mystery/detective books with the same group of characters that are in the book series. I’m loving Three Strikes and looking forward to MJ’s next adventure. Thanks for what you’ve given to the book world.

  80. Merry Carol Chronister says:

    Being from Coral Gables it is like visiting home reading one of your books, I have read them all so far and looking forward to your next one. I also have read all of Lee Child’s and am also looking forward to his next one.

  81. arthur harpool says:

    Love your books.

  82. Thien Lim says:

    Would love to have the book. I read Lee Childs and lie the style very much. I love your Miami Jones books too. Got hooked on it and have read the same one 2 times.

  83. Laurel Ciotti says:

    Love Miami Jones! Love that he lives in Florida and travels about the state. Please keep him here but he can go on vacation if he always come back to Florida. Keep writing more great books, AJ! Looking forward to the next one. Viva Miami Jones!

  84. Sandra Campbell says:

    I am so excited to know another Miami Jones novel is coming – I consume each one like my favorite candy – all at once !! Thank you for continuing to write about Miami – I feel like I know him and would call him a friend. I think Jack is ok – but Miami is in a class by himself. His sense of humor has me laughing out loud sometimes – I have consumed every MJ book and am always sad when I reach the end of the story because I cannot continue with the next saga. Waiting with bated breath for release of your new novel !!!!!!

    • Sandra Campbell says:

      I am so excited to know another Miami Jones novel is coming – I consume each one almost in one sitting – I am hooked. I feel like I know Miami and would call him a friend – He is a stand up guy and I love his sense of integrity – I have consumed EVERY Miami book and have been feeling the loss of when I read the last page of the last published book – Hurry – write faster !! LOL

  85. Robin Batterson says:

    So excited to enter and win new books, love to read your books and love to read new books, I already liked your fb page before so was not able to relike it but know I still Love it! Please enter me to win the new books. Looking forward to the next new books.
    Thanks for our giveaways!

  86. Debra says:

    Keep writing!

  87. Beverlee Smith says:

    I really don’t like Lee Child, I like Miami Jones and his gang so much better!

  88. Richard L. Fortneyq says:

    I have read each Jack Reacher in the order written. Jack Reacher is larger than life, and Lee Child catches and holds your attention from start to first.
    Your characters are all so very good too.
    I use a Barnes and Noble Nook ereader

  89. Don Hoffman says:

    That’s odd…Lee Child is posting a giveaway of one of your books to pass the time until the next Reacher comes out! Could it be that Lee is your alter-ego? You two are never in the same place, at the same time; come to think of it neither are Reacher or Miami. Hmmmmm….

  90. Peter Noyes says:

    Luckily you do not try to imitate Child’s style. It allows me to enjoy your books for themselves. I have read most of the Reacher stories and listen to them while working out at the gym. But my enjoyment is tempered by knowing the plot ahead of time. With your books, I am happily engaged in a new character and new plots, so I have to say I enjoy Miami Jones much more.

  91. Sister Kathy Kuchar says:

    I really LOVE the Miami Jones books . . . The characters are always so well formed and intriguing, I enjoy the human touches they all have (and especially the suggestions of what they are eating and their character flaws), and the bit of sports knowledge for me, a once in a while sports fan, is great, too! Keep the Miami Jones books coming!

  92. Deanne says:

    I Liked you Facebook page and am now patiently awaiting the next Miami Jones book.

  93. ric mcarthur says:

    I’m a big Reacher fan and would certainly appreciate a hard copy.
    Looking forward to your next release.

  94. Celeste Lim says:

    Love both Reacher and Miami Jones! Keep writing!!!!

  95. Rosemàrie Evans says:

    I have been reading all your books since it first came out and since then I am a Miami Jones fan. I just turned 64 and that would be the best present signed by you. Please hurry on your next book, I can hardly wait for it.

  96. Kathryn Semelsberger says:

    I love the Miami character! Reacher is a bit too much ego, love the supporting characters.

  97. JulieB says:

    The World Series game 7 is tied at the end of the 8th inning as I write this and I know Miami is down at Longboard Kelly’s with friends and beers sweating it out. I can’t wait to see what he gets up to once he recovers from tonight. Thanks for keeping us posted AJ. We love you both.

  98. Mark Earls says:

    I love your writing and the adventures of Miami Jones

    I can also say I have read every Reacher novel and love Lee Child’s writing.

    What we really need is a film adaptation of any of your books!

  99. Ken Fried says:

    If any of the Miami Jones novels become movies, please cast someone who actually
    played baseball as a kid. Thank you,

  100. Mari-Ella Kelly says:

    Love Miami, love Jack. I hope I win!

  101. Jim says:

    Love MJ but Tom Cruise is NOT Jack Reacher.

  102. DAwn Heisler says:

    Both characters have different qualities that make them great. like the books and will keep on turning those pages. just need more reading time!!!!

  103. Fred Gilbert says:

    Love Reached and Lee Child. The Reacher movies don’t really don’t do justice to the books – often the case. The book is usually better than the movie.

    With that said it takes a lot that have a conversation about authors other than Lee Child but I have to say the Miami Jones books really grab me and I pretty much skill up a copy as soon as it is released. Love your work. Please keep them coming

  104. Greg Pitta says:

    I love your books and Lee Child’s Reacher books Please enter me in the drawing and keep up the awesome work!

  105. Frank Walcroft says:

    Like the books…..good tales ….not excessive violence…likable charactors!

  106. M Deuster says:

    Keep them coming. MJ rocks!! I am hooked. Also , am a Reacher fan.

  107. Ed McCarthy says:

    I read at least one book a week, on average, and the Jack Reacher and Miami Jones books are ones that I can’t put down until I am finished. Keep ‘me coming ! Thank you for the great entertainment to relax with !

  108. Simon Todd says:

    Always a good addition to my Kindle reader. An enjoyable read, entertaining characters. Keep them coming.

  109. Simon Todd says:

    Always a good addition to my Kindle reader. An enjoyable read, entertaining characters. Keep them coming.
    Repeated because I included an email address which is discontinued, sorry about that!

  110. Kurt Brown says:

    Can’t wait for the new Miami Jones boook!

  111. Sylvia says:

    Miami Jones or Jack Reacher? Hmm, first choice is MJ of course closely followed by JR ….. I just love the Florida setting and Miami Jones is a little more real.

  112. Jack Reacher is OK, but no match for Miami! Thanks for the great reads–God Bless! Fr. Bob

  113. Joe Estabrook says:

    MJ is a cross between Reacher and Poon— Sand Crab Chronicles–great stuff

  114. Shelley Wessels says:

    Love Miami Jones! More!

  115. Marilyn Utz says:

    How about a movie, But PLEASE, Pick a more suitable star. (Tom Cruise as Reacher?) seriously…

  116. Ken R. says:

    I like Reacher however MJ could kick his butt!

  117. Brad Knott says:

    Love Miami Jones! Keep the books coming!

  118. jj says:

    I do like Jack Reacher! and have all the MJ series.

  119. Vinny Zaleski says:

    I read many of the Jack Reacher stories, but I got away from them, probably due to the violence. I have turned to authors such as yourself, Tim Dorsey, Laurence Shames, Carl Hiassen-still some violence, but a far lighter tone. Anxiously awaiting MJ7!

  120. charlie henry says:

    Miami Jones and spencer are the best.

  121. James Garneau says:

    I kove your books and jack reacher series….they are all great. Cant put them down when I start them…Wish I had more hours in a day.

  122. Bob Miller says:

    Big fan of both you and Lee Child.

  123. David Jones says:

    If you ever make a movie don’t blow the character portrayal like Lee Childs let happen. Reacher is supposed to 6’5″. Tom Cruise is barely 5’7″. I don’t enjoy his books as much anymore picturing the little fella.
    Keep up the great writing!

  124. ERNIE TAYLOR says:

    Keep up the good work. The novels just keep getting better and better!

  125. fred cryder says:

    My wife and I love your Miami Jones books. They have the action and drama needed for a really good book. I really put you up there with Child, Robert Parker and Crais. Keep up the good work.

  126. Donald Williams says:

    I like Jack Reacher, but I like Miami Jones better. I have lived in Miami, never lived in Jack. Lousy reasoning I guess, but it works for me.

  127. Lyn Larson says:

    My first reads of A.J. Stewart were the Miami Jones books and haven’t read a Jack Reacher one yet. Will have to check one out. I love all the Miami Jones books. The characters are great as are the plots. Love the Miami Jones character and his humor. Living in FL makes some of the references to places interesting. Know it is fiction but enjoy books that have references to Florida places.

  128. Brian says:

    Maybe a future book could have Miami Jones & Jack Reacher crossing paths.

    That would be an interesting read, for sure.

  129. Charlene Smith says:

    Love both Reacher and Miami! 🙂 Thanks for hosting a giveaway!

  130. AR Daniels says:

    I have been a JR ( Lee Childs) fan from his first book. I have passed him on to a lot of people.

    Found AJS, this year, so far so good. Keep going this way, and I will be telling my friends about you!

    Winning two Books, would help me tell them a lot faster.

  131. Saundra K. Warren says:

    I never miss a Reacher book!!!

  132. I like well written fiction, Reacher and Jones are examples of such. Both authors works appear to have been graced by a learned editor so that I do no need to stop and read again parts that nearly escape comprehension. I will be looking forward to new offerings of the adventures of Jack and Miami.

  133. Cheryl Beringer says:

    Have read all of the Reacher books as well as all of the Miami Jones. You are a fantastic author! Please keep the novels coming, and thanks for the emails. My husband and I look forward to both.

  134. G W Mark says:

    I haven’t read all your novels though I’ve read all the Reacher novels so far. I’ll keep working at whittling down the MJ novels I haven’t read if you’ll keep writing.

  135. Nancy Thoben says:

    Biggest fan ever of Miami Jones series. I have not read any Jack Reacher series books so now might be a good time to start?!?!

  136. Jane Satterfield says:

    Absolutely love Miami Jones!