Miami Jones

Past The Post

First Past The Post Isn’t Always The Winner

Miami Jones is enjoying a day out at the races when a jockey collapses. It looks innocent enough until he discovers this man had a past, and that past might just have caught up with him in the final straight. When his fiancée takes on the official investigation, Miami must walk a tight rope between discovering the truth his way and following the letter of the law.

Reviews for Miami Jones

“…strong, unstereotyped, and engaging…”

Kirkus Reviews

★★★★★ “This is a book – indeed a series – not to be missed.”

Reader Review

★★★★★ “After long hard hours at work on the graveyard shift in an ER…some escape, refreshment, renewal and reassurance that there are stories of goodness.”

Reader Review

“Combines a nuanced lead with a challenging whodunit.”

Publishers Weekly

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